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March 8, 2023

Adobe Photoshop Course in Kochi

Adobe Photoshop is design software used for personal or professional work projects.The software provides the user with all the necessary tools for bringing the concept to the life, besides the experience. Due to the acceptance of the software in the designing field, mastering Adobe Photoshop can be a door opening to a career.


Photoshop is a Graphic Designing and photo editing software that is mainly used to make changes in images or photos.

The software comes in support of different electronic devices like mobiles, desktops, MacBooks, etc. The software manages the design tasks like image creation, image editing, and image manipulation. The most recent version of Adobe Photoshop provides many advanced features to make it the perfect tool for the experts.

Job roles in Photoshop industry:

Adobe Photoshop is mainly used by graphic design Professionals. Basically, the job options in the industry are lesser, but there are many fields in an industry where photoshop is used.

Finding the right career path for Photoshop skills can sometimes be challenging, especially since there are many jobs that use Photoshop so let’s see:

Creative Designer:

A creative designer is a term that includes photographers, artists, and graphic designers. The main job of the creator’s designer is help to create a brand identity and makes a profit.

As a creative designer, the main is to turn concepts into visuals, communicate with clients, and implement feedback to create a final Result. The basic salary starts from a base of 12k as a fresher.

Advertising Manager:

The main role of the advertising manager is to make and manages a company’s advertising strategy, from business and sales.

But also in addition to that, their main role is to generate interest among potential buyers of the products. The average salary starts from a base of 25k to 35k and changes according to their experiences and work.

Graphic Designer:

Graphic designers mainly use computers or hand tools to create posters, logos, brochures, magazines, and many other matters to communicate ideas and information visually.

They are called graphic designers. The main works of graphic designers are creative. Anyways the base result is to make what the clients desired. The average can makes from 12k-15k as a fresher.

Content Creator:

The main role of the content creator is to provide content ideas for the company or the working firm. Which is later implemented on websites, social media, and other digital platforms.

They have to be able to create various materials related to vlogs, news reports, images, videos, audio, content, etc. They had a pay range between 11k to 15k.

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