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Google Ads is an advertising program through Google that allows a user to attract traffic to their websites by placing advertisements on the Google search engine and related platforms. Google Ads lets the user know where the user wants their advertisements to be displayed, making the platform available for any budget. Through Google Ads marketing strategy, a user can increase traffic to their website, improve leads and sales, and build a brand. 

In IIDM’s Search Engine Marketing Training in Trivandrum, you will find that Google Ads or Search Engine Marketing(SEM) is one of the certified courses. Here you will Master the basics of creating and customizing Google Search Ad campaigns that get your ads in front of customers looking for what they need. Learn best practices for keyword and bidding strategies and boost campaign performance to reach your marketing goals to the next level.

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IIDM specializes in offering Google certified Digital Marketing courses, and we have been known among students for our exclusive Search Engine Marketing Training, which is all about theoretical knowledge matched with practical assignments. SEM, SEO and many other branches of Digital Marketing require understanding real-world problems and their perfect solutions that are derived from available resources. Apart from offering a deep understanding of terms, facts and solutions, we also offer real advice on making the most of the acquired knowledge. Please note that our course contents are always updated according to current trends. Learn Google Ads (Search Engine Marketing) with industry experts and practice in live projects.  Here are some more reasons to choose us!


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Google AdWords (now Google Ads) has a user-friendly interface, but mastering its advanced features can be complex. It requires learning about keywords, ad copywriting, bidding strategies, and analytics, making it moderately challenging for beginners.

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