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Best Content Writing Course In Kochi With Placement Assistance 

Create something people want to share, that is what good content writers always do. In this blog you can understand what a content writing course is and why you choose IIDM  and how we provide placement assistance during your one month course.  In this marketing world, content is the factor that helps businesses become viral and that drives more sales.  IIDM prepares students for more creative content writers professionally.  Content Marketing Content writing is a professional creative way of planning, structuring, creating, editing content to help brands reach their targeted audience in the most interactive way . A well structured content, in the form of text, audio, video, graphics will engage the audience. That differentiates us  from competitors.  Our creative content writing course includes  Module 1: Introduction and Fundamentals Module 2: Blog Writing and Articles Module 3: Diverse Content Types Module 4: Advanced Content and Strategies Module 5: Finalization and Freelancing Why You Should Choose IIDM as the Best Content Writing Course in Kochi Job Specializations After The Course Completion  When you complete the best Content Writing Course in Kochi, you will get more clear aspects of content writing and more confidence about which content writing field is much better for you. How You Get A Placements From IIDM IIDM doesn’t directly involve placements or interviews. However we help you with the skills and resources to increase your chances of landing a content writing job after completing the course.  Here’s how :  What You Can Do To Increase Chances:  Alternative Placement Resources  Salary Graphs For Freshers And Senior Content Writers Freshers content writers salary (INR) Senior content writers salary (INR) Learn the best content writing course in kochi with IIDM, and grow like a pro in the content marketing field. The Digital Marketing era awaits you at the peak of your career days. 

Want to make some extra cash?

Check out this  Digital Marketing Online Course made just for housewives!   We are thankful that you are part of our digital marketing online course, created specially for stay-at-home mothers who are ready to learn new skills and make money online. In the age of digital technology, branding has become an interesting and simple topic that lets you manage your family’s responsibilities while creating a profitable internet business. Make Money From Home –  DIGITAL MARKETING ONLINE COURSE A Complete Online Course in Certified Digital Marketing for Housewives can help you in beginning your career.   Digital Marketing –  A way to make money online from home. The chance to make money online from home with digital marketing is wonderful. As people trust more and more on the internet for information, entertainment, and shopping, companies are keen to build a strong online presence. Herein lies the role of digital marketing. This means that housewives can use their creativity and organizing skills to launch an attractive internet business . POPULAR DIGITAL MARKETING ONLINE COURSE  STRATEGIES Whenever it comes to Digital Marketing, housewives have a wealth of helpful techniques at their service. As a way to reel in and keep an audience, content marketers create interesting and useful information,  Using social network marketing on sites like   can help you connect with possible customers and build a strong online marketing presence.  Housewives can successfully launch and expand their home-based online marketing companies with these digital marketing methods. MONETIZING YOUR SKILL There are many options for making money from home if you can monetize your skills in a Digital Marketing online course. Offering skills like social networking management, DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS? 1. Who is this course for? Answer: This course is designed specifically for housewives who want to learn digital marketing skills to start a new career, grow a home-based business, or simply expand their knowledge and expertise in the digital world. 2. Do I need any prior experience in marketing? Answer: No prior experience is necessary. Our course is designed to be beginner-friendly, with step-by-step instructions and easy-to-understand lessons. 3. What will I learn in this course? Answer: You will learn the fundamentals of digital marketing, including social media marketing, email marketing, content creation, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, and more. 4. What kind of support is available during the course? Answer: We offer regular Q&A sessions with instructors to help you with any questions or challenges you may encounter. 5. How much does the course cost? Answer: Please refer to our pricing page for detailed information on the digital online course fees and any available discounts or payment plans. 6. What technical requirements are needed to take this online course? Answer: You will need a computer or a mobile device with internet access. Basic computer skills are helpful, but not required. 7. Are there any practical assignments or projects? Answer: Yes, the course includes practical assignments and projects to help you apply what you’ve learned and build a portfolio of work. 8. How can I enroll in the digital online course? Answer: You can enroll in the  course by visiting our website and following the enrollment process. If you need any assistance, our support team is available to help. 9. How do I stay motivated and manage my time while taking the digital online marketing course? Answer: We provide tips and strategies for time management and staying motivated, including setting goals, creating a study schedule, and joining our community for support and encouragement.

How to earn money from Digital Marketing ?

How to earn money from Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the use of digital platforms to promote and sell products and services, allowing individuals to earn money from Digital Marketing. Do you want to know how to earn money from Digital Marketer? Then, explore these 8 methods and choose the one that suits your skills and interests.  1. Freelancing This is a popular choice for many develos platforms like Upwork or LinkedIn or you can reach out to businesses directly. As a freelancer, you will be responsible for finding clients negotiating rates, and managing your own projects.                                                                    2. Content CreationIf you have the knowledge of writing you can earn money from Digital Marketing by Becoming a content writer and write Engaging articles and blog posters or social media content for a business 3. Social media Marketing Business are increasing in social media platforms you can manage social account for them and create engaging content with followers and run ad for the company and earn money from Digital marketing 4. Google My Business You can can offer business help setting up their Google business profile including like creating a company profile managing photos and videos responding to review and keeping information up to date as you build a portfolio of successful client profiles and you can charge for your experience                                                                         5. WordPress Website Development Website development offers several paths to earning money many companies both large and small need web developers.You can find web developer jobs by searching online job or by contacting companies directly. Building your own website or product If you have a great idea for a website or web application, you can develop it yourself and then earn money through advertising subscriptions or selling the product itself 6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Helping businesses improve their website ranking on search engines such as Google this includes optimizing website content improving site structure, acquiring high-quality Backlinks Experience: Beginners might start with₹30,000-₹50,000 per month, while experienced specialists can command 75,000 per month. 7. Pay per click Pay-per-click specialists have a wide range of opportunities across various industries and company A large portion of PPC specialists work in Digital marketing agencies managing PPC campaigns for a variety of clients across different industries. This offers exposure to diverse projects and the chance to hone your skills across different Platforms.                                                                                    8. BloggingBlogging in Digital Marketing is like having your own online storefront for valuable content. You create informative and engaging articles, videos, or other content targeted at a specific audience within the digital marketing world. like Google AdSense to display relevant ads on your blog. When visitors click on those ads, you earn a commission.                                                                                                                                                         FAQ  1. What do you mean Digital Marketing ? Answer: Digital Marketing is an online platform and tools to promote products or services to the audience. This includes social media, search engines, email, and websites.and many more 2. How can I start earning money from Digital Marketing ? Answer: Freelancing Offer Digital Marketing services on platforms like Upwork, LinkedIn, or Freelancer. 3. What is SEO, SO  important ? Answer: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) It means process of increasing your website rank higher in the search engine results page. It’s important because higher rankings can lead to increase the traffic on your website, visibility of the site, and promote the sales. 4. How can social media help me earn money? Answer: Sponsored product Brands may pay you to promote their products on your social media accounts and you can earn money through social media 5. How long does it take to see results on digital marketing ? Answer: The timeframe for seeing results from digital marketing from varies depending is different For example: 6. Can I start digital marketing without a degree? Answer: Yes you can start doing digital marketing without a degree. Many professionals in the field are self learned or have completed online courses and certifications. Practical experience, a strong portfolio, and staying updated with the new trends are often more important than ethe education 7. What skills are essential for success in digital marketing?          Answer: Key skills for digital marketing include:

Choosing the Right Specialization in Digital Marketing

Choosing the Right Specialization in Digital Marketing

The broad and dynamic field of Digital Marketing is expanding daily. This can be quite tasking since there is virtually an endless array of tools and strategies to use in this fast growing industry. Fortunately, choosing the right specialization in Digital Marketing is one of the best tactics for carving your path and excel in such a realm. Why Specialize in Digital Marketing? In addition to the general principles,, specialization in Digital Marketing provides a deeper understanding of the field. This can offer several advantages. -Increased Earning Potential: There is heightened demand for skills that are specific to certain jobs hence making you more attractive to employers and receipt of better wages. -Enhanced Credibility: Specialisation shows that you are a professional who is always keen on updating their knowledge to provide solutions to current problems in that particular field you’ve chosen to specialise in. -Sharper Focus: This is because, when working in a specific field of Digital Marketing, one is able to learn more about the area and be updated with the current developments in technology. Now, let’s delve into some of the most popular specializations in digital marketing Content Marketing Now in the world of DIgital Marketing, creating great content that meets the needs of the target audience becomes a must. Specialists working on content marketing creates valuable content that attracts and engages the targeting audiences to convert it to leads. PPC (Pay Per Click) PPC advertising enables you to reach the actual market more specifically through paid search listings. An expert in PPC marketing usually deals with the management and fine tuning of PPC accounts with the aim of achieving desired ROI (Return On Investvent) Social Media Marketing (SMM) Now Social Medias are the  powerful tool for a business to connect with their audients and building brand awareness. Social media specialists plan and implement best strategies for Social Media to achieve goals. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SEO specialists guarantee that your web site is indexed high in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). This method of being organically visible yields a high quality of traffic to your website and increases the leads. WordPress Development WordPress is a widely used content management system through which one can design and administer websites. When focused on WordPress development, it becomes possible to build an accessible and user-friendly website with a strong focus on such exposure as SEO. These are just a few examples, and the world of digital marketing offers a wide range of specializations to suit your interests and skills. Selecting Your Area of Focus in Digital Marketing Picking the right specialization in Digital Marketing is not easy – you will have to think about it for a while. We would advise you to factor in your abilities, preferences, and aspirations in a given career. Does the thought of writing and helping to create interesting content make you happy? Then you can the creative content writer, also you can choose other specialization in DIgital Marketing based on your interest. So,are you ready to start your career into the world of Digital Marketing? IIDM has a lot of courses and certifications. The courses are developed to enable learners acquire the necessary knowledge and skills that will enable them succeed in their chosen areas of specialization. Every course offered in IIDM starting from content marketing and SEO and all the way to SMM and PPC advertising is well accredited and pass on knowledge from practical experts.Visit our website today to learn about their courses offered in pursuit of your fulfilling career in digital marketing!

Best Digital Marketing Course in Trivandrum: Why IIDM Stands Out ?

digital marketing course

In today’s dynamic business world, it is very important to grasp what digital marketing is all about. If you are in Trivandrum then you should join IIDM which is the best Digital Marketing Institute in Trivandrum which gives you the contemporary knowledge and skill set. This blog is about how IIDM is your best choice for a Digital Marketing course in Trivandrum. Why choose IIDM? Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala and a growing city for technology and education. IIDM stand out among the other institutions who providing Digital Marketing training for some reasons Detailed Curriculum IIDM provides high quality Digital Marketing classes in Trivandrum that have a detailed syllabus covering all essential areas of Digital Marketing. Whether you are interested in SEO/SEM, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing among other specific Digital Marketing disciplines, IIDM guarantees that you get a broad understanding of Digital Marketing instruments. Experienced Faculty The teaching staff of IIDM is comprised solely of professionals with actual practice in Digital Marketing. Our mentors share practical experience and ideas from the practice that enrich students’ knowledge and are deeper in contrast to formal education. This is possible given the fact that IIDM has developed this kind of expertise to provide the best Digital Marketing course in Trivandrum. Hands-On Training In other words one of the main ideas in IIDM’s teaching strategy is practical experience. Special projects are implemented by the students in order to practice the things they learn with practical projects to be undertaken in real life situations. This practical approach in training is one of the reasons that make IIDM to provide the best Digital Marketing training in Trivandrum. Placement Assistance The institute has strong placement support services with the assistance of which students get placed in leading organisations. This support makes IIDM one of the best digital marketing training providers for anyone seeking to do so in Trivandrum. What Sets IIDM Apart? Selecting IIDM entails selecting a program of study that will prepare the individual to meet the dynamic requirements of the digital marketing environment. Here’s what sets IIDM apart Updated Curriculum: It cannot be said that the digital marketing environment remains unchanged in one or the other way. It is also worthy to note that IIDM always is curriculum current, and it offers students an education that is in tune with the most current trends and technologies. Flexible Learning Options: Online and offline classes are provided at IIDM, thus the students are able to choose whether they want to attend classes in person or follow classes through online portals and videos. Such flexibility is advantageous to working personnel, students, and others who wish to sign up for the best digital marketing training in Trivandrum. Certifications: Students who completed the course will get valuable certifications that will make their career more competitive and credible in the digital marketing industry. Course Modules at IIDM The best digital marketing course in Trivandrum offered by IIDM includes: Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Understand what web design elements and strategies contribute to a higher rank in search engine results and organic traffic. Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Another detail is the paid search advertising skill to attain the interested audience. Social Media Marketing: Learn about the strategies for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for optimise business. Content Marketing: As for thinking skills, the ability to create and share useful content to capture and enthuse an audience should be developed. Web Designing: Learn how to create a responsive website and how it can be used to experience of every user and grow business. Conclusion If you are interested to make a career in digital marketing, you should join IIDM. We  makes one become the best professional in digital marketing by a wide range of topics for learning, experienced trainers, skills development through practical sessions, and job opportunities. Sign up with us now and begin the process of acquiring a desirable job of digital marketing specialist.

A complete VFX and Animation Course for Creative Minds

vfx and animation

In the world of movies, television and video games there is magic. Dinosaurs grow city wide, mystical beings fly through the air, and so on. Impossible feats are turned into reality. There are countless talented artists existing in this field with professional skill at crafting the invisible reality people of vision take as the world of VFX (Visual Effects) and animation behind the bright images we experience. VFX and Animation courses might just be the key you need to open your world. These courses provide a comprehensive education in all of the tools and techniques used to turn imagination into reality. Regardless of whether you have always dreamed about creating mind blowing blows in a blockbuster movie, or if animating the next generation of delightful cartoon characters is more your style, a VFX and Animation class could help give you skills necessary for success. industries that are increasingly dependent on VFX and animation specialists 1. Film and Television Industries For decades now, the use of VFX and animation has been incorporated by film and television productions to cue aesthetic works and vivid imaginations. 2. Video Game Development Gaming is all about developing new games that would captivate the attention and build a world of fun with good graphics and look. Although both are creative fields, VFX artists breathe life into the game environments and characters, while animators breathe life into the actions and characters that a game displays. 3. Marketing and Advertising Marketing and advertising is one area where traffic needs to be paid to hence it is possible to come up with something that prompts the eye of the viewers.Graphic and animation expers producing advertisement clips, product demonstrations, and information films that are engaging and helpful to viewers. 4. E-learning and Education These tutorial methods using VFX and animation are making the learning process more lively and more interesting. Educational material producers employ animation more often to expand on ideas that would be hard to illustrate live or tell through history. 5. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design In recent years, VFX and animations are employed to create better and clean interfaces for web or applications and other software products. Career opportunities for a VFX and Animation Experts in Kerala. Are You All Set for the First Move? VFX and animation industry is a vibrant one that is full of many opportunities and possibilities. Therefore, if you are passionate about something and have been given proper training, it is not very hard to turn that passion into a fulfilling job. Should you wish to learn more about VFX and Animation courses, look for courses offered in IIDM. The skills and knowledge acquired from a VFX and Animation course means you have the ability to paint vivid pictures on a motion picture.

Art of Editing: Experiencing the Best Video Editing Course of IIDM

Best Video Editing Course of IIDM

The link of video editing to the digital space cannot be ignored since it is a key skill for film producing, vlogging and digital marketing shopping. The skill of mastering video editing and creating movies which are professional and attractive are what make your business stand out from the crowd. If you make the decision to look for the best video editing course to support your life-long career in the media industry, you won’t have to look further than at IIDM. Why Choose IIDM for Video Editing? Industry-Leading Curriculum Diploma in Multimedia which is considered to be one of the best video editing courses offered by IIDM was designed by the professionals in this industry who have a lot of experience. The course’s structure begins with the introduction to camera editing and continues with more complex techniques. Editing software proficiency: Take control of advanced instruments such as Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign Storytelling through editing: Learn to put words together in a way that appeals to the readers’ emotions and maintains a linear narrative flow. Advanced techniques: Discover color grading, special effects, sound editing and other such effects too. Hands-On Experience Apart from the fact that there is great attention given on lessons that are to do with practicals, this is one of the striking features of IIDM modules. The course won’t be limited to watching tutorials only, you will simulate the workflow process with hands-on experience. This way, you put to use everything that you’ve learnt while still in school in actual situations, hence, when you complete the course you are ready to begin employment. Expert Instructors At IIDM, don’t settle for less. Here you will be trained by and with the best leadership instructors who are among the best in their profession. They being the professionals with their professional knowledge and industry insights makes them stand out and assures that they will provide students with the support and mentor needed for them to excel. This gives you a chance to leverage their feedback as well as being mentored by them, and it will make you a better artist and use your creativity in diverse ways. Key Features of the IIDM Video Editing Course Comprehensive Modules The course is not presented as a whole. It is modular; each module emphasizes one particular subject of video editing. Flexibility and Accessibility IIDM knows that there is no one-size-fits-all schedule, so tailoring the classes to individual needs is essential. This is why our course is not only available online and in-person but these delivery avenues are compatible so students can use them interchangeably. The IIDM syllabus collaborates, regardless if you want to learn slowly using your home as the learning center or the traditional classroom style. Certification The course handouts will be issued after course completion, and IIDM certification respected by leading companies in the industry will be given to received ones. This certification therefore not only puts a gold stamp on your skills, but also will improve the appearance of your resume giving you a more appealing job seeking candidate. Enroll Today and Change Where You’re Headed. In the time where well-made videos carry with them more weight than ever, the mastery of editing techniques tends to be highly in demand and may often lead to different opportunities for its own sake. The best video editing course at IIDM is your way to reaching excellence and, thus, being able to work out the high – quality videos. Do not let this chance run away and come and meet the most successful in this field, try hands-on and create your business network. Ready to Start? Check out the IIDM site for in-depth info regarding the class, dates of enrollment, and price, take this opportunity to do so. Have you ever felt that you have a lot of unexpressed creative ideas inside your mind? If the answer is yes, the first step in mastering video editing is a great step to shaping your creative future.Join the best video editing course at IIDM. FAQ 1.Do I require any previous experience to take up the IIDM video editing course? The video editing course at IIDM is suitable for both beginners and experienced editors.. The curriculum should be developed from simple concepts to advanced techniques. It is not necessary to have previous experience, but knowledge of working with a computer may be useful. 2.Will there be an opportunity to use professional tools during the program? Yes, IIDM supports access to the professional software for every student, including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, etc. It is worth mentioning that these tools are an inseparable part of the curriculum and will be employed for practical works and assignments. 3.How will a student be assisted during his studies at IIDM? The IIDM teaching staff is committed to general assistance from the moment you undertake the learning process until the very end. It includes individual feedback on your assignments, faculty advising and frequent/relaxed Q&A sessions to clear any queries. The instructors are people working in the industry and have been doing the job for years providing you with real insights experience of video editing.

Graphic Designing Online Course With Live, Practical Classes

Graphic Designing Online Course With Live, Practical Classes

Picture-perfect imagery takes the lead role in visual communication in today’s world – graphic design. It’s the medium of transferring the essence of your ideas and information into fascinating imagery that moves and communicates with your audience. It’s the ability to create a compelling look using the desired industry-standard software that it takes to perfect the art of visual communication. It is where the IIDM and our live practical graphic designing online course come to rescue as the practical learners are much more established. The classes will empower future designers to use with skill the power of a range of design software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Through Live Practical Graphic Designing Classes , IIDM brings up to students the fundamentals of creative design and guides them to successfully translate their vision into fascinating graphic design. What sets us apart: Generally, the traditional design classes concentrate on theoretical aspects consigning a considerable distance between the knowledge acquired and real world application. IIDM‘s live practical graphic designing online courses conduct a helping hand in bridging the gap between the theoretical information and receiving first-hand experience.Here’s what sets us apart. Industry-Standard Software: Know how to operate the popular software tools Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign through live and engaging classes. You will get practice as well as grasp of these main pieces of tools used by the professional designers across the world. Project-Based Learning: IIDM goes beyond theory and focuses on live practical graphic designing classes. You will actually conduct graphic design projects on real-world cases that, by the same token, replicate the difficulties and the work processes encountered by professional graphic designers. This method assists you not only in writing a code but also in nurturing problem-solving and creativity in you. Expert Instructors: Become an apprentice to gifted designers who are enthusiastic about passing on their talent. The practical graphic designing classes at IIDM go beyond teaching. They provide you with individual attention backed up with feedback and guidance, which enhances your expertise and sparks your taste. Interactive Learning: In IIDM live practical graphic designing online course, interactive learning environment is stimulated. Enquire, get instant feedback, and work along with other students within an online classroom that is supportive for all. Through IIDM‘s practical Live designer classes, you will acquire the essential skills and confidence that would propel you towards starting a productive career in graphic design. Regardless of whether it is agency, freelancing, or your own design enterprise, IIDM provides the right skills and knowledge to succeed. Ready to Go A Step Further. To know more about our hands-on graphic designing online course, log on to our website, or contact us today. Get a hold of your creative destiny and maximize your talents as a graphic designer right now!  FAQ 1. What is the structure and length of the IIDM graphic design course? IIDM‘s graphic design course structure starts with a three month period that has a good balance of practical and theoretical sessions. The course will be conducted in a systematic way, covering a wide range of topics to give students a comprehensive understanding and practical practice of all the graphic design elements 2.Which softwares are taught During IIDM graphic design sessions ? The graphic design classes at IIDM cover the full range of the applications and formats such as: Adobe Photoshop: For photo editing, taking over, and manipulations for graphics that are complex. Adobe Illustrator: For vector art, logo design, and illustrations, this software is perfect. Adobe InDesign: Personalized layout design, brochures, magazines, and many other materials. 3.Who is qualified to participate in the graphic design course at IIDM? This IIDM graphic design course is open to all equally, no matter if you are a newbie or a person with some familiarity with design. There are no set grades for this course, but knowing how to work on a PC and an inclination towards design might be helpful. Our course is tailored to meet the needs of all levels of expertise, allowing for better understanding of new concepts by individuals.

Digital Marketing Course with Placement Assistance : Stop waiting, Start Earning 

Digital Marketing Course with Placement Assistance : Stop waiting, Start Earning

Are you tired of searching for jobs and attending interviews?  You may have a graduation certificate or post graduation certificate, but it can’t help  you in obtaining a job. Study Digital Marketing Course with placement for a better future.  List Of Contents: At IIDM, we provide a digital marketing course that guarantees job placement after finishing a 3 or 6-month Advanced Digital Marketing Course. Upon finishing the course and mastering digital skills, you will have the opportunity to find employment with our help. In the digital marketing field, there are a lot of job specifications such as: 1.  Social media manager Social media manager plays a vital role in a company’s marketing and branding fields. Especially creating viral contents for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn. Also social media managers want to manage and analyze platform insights and implement marketing strategies to increase sales and conversions to the business.  2. Copywriter Copywriter maintaining contents in posters , websites, brochures, e-mail etc. Copywriters and content writers always focus the targeted audience’s mind into their creative writings.  3. SEO specialist Seo specialists handle websites ranking systems. Their continuous efforts make websites into higher rankings and they are the lead source of their company. They also do keyword research, optimize backlinks, etc.. 4. Email marketing specialist They design and plan contents and make new strategies for email marketing.  This includes targeted email content, planning email lists, A/B testing etc.. 5. Content manager They created a 360° social media calendar, distribution of content through social media platforms. They will always be vigilant about the marketing trends and trending contents. 6. Market research analyst Market research analysts  always research about competitors, targeted audience, industry trends etc.. 7. Marketing manager Develop and maintain marketing plans for promoting or creating a brand value for their company or product. 8. Content strategist Content strategies that help or support business goals and targeted needs. 9. Branding specialist Focusing the brand value of the company or the product. Through digital platforms they build a strong brand value. 10. Pay-per-click specialist They are the technical lead source of a company. These specialist research keywords, also research about targeted audiences behaviors etc.. These are the digital marketing specializations that you can pursue after completing your course. So  you can easily get a job by studying digital marketing course with placement Things you should consider before placing digital marketing placement WHY IIDM? 100% Placement support Excellent Career Growth 100% Practical & Theory classes Updated curriculum Career guidance classes International level certificates Industry expert faculty Here we are presenting some of the students who got digital marketing placement after studying digital marketing course FAQ 1. What is the minimum salary of a fresher digital marketer ? Minimum salary of digital marketer in India is around 1.0 lakhs per year ( 8.3 k )  2. Is digital marketing salary satisfying? Definitely,if you are experienced you can learn monthly 1 lakh minimum  3. Is digital marketing stressful?  It depends on your Passion for digital marketing. You must always update your digital knowledge 


The role of seo in increasing traffic

In the modern digital era, companies are making efforts to enhance their online visibility and attract relevant traffic to their websites. SEO, very well known as Search Engine Optimization, is a powerful tool that significantly impacts a website’s visibility. Organic, unpaid website traffic is crucial for businesses today. The importance of SEO in increasing natural website traffic is examined in the article.   TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1) Introduction to SEO 2) Understanding Organic Traffic 3) Keywords: The Starting Point 4) Content: The Heart of SEO 5) Role of SEO in increasing organic traffic 6) The Local SEO Advantage 7) Learning SEO: Where to start? 8) Conclusion   1) Introduction to SEO So what exactly is SEO? The full naming of SEO is Search Engine Optimization which is the recognized word in the internet wide universe. SEO involves enhancing a website to boost its visibility and primarily elevate its ranking in SERPs naturally. SERP or Search Engine Result Page is the page that a search engine displays in response to a user’s search question. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. are able to understand what the content of website is because of SEO. This is done by optimizing different aspects of the website such as content, structure and technical configuration. Some of the methods to optimize a website for SEO include, incorporating the right keywords in the content and Meta tags, making it mobile friendly and improving load time. Suppose that you want to learn digital marketing course in trivandrum. You will search as “digital marketing institute in trivandrum” in Google or any other search engine. Websites that appear on page one would most likely have powerful SEO.   2) Understanding Organic Traffic Organic traffic represents a high-quality form of website traffic, which is generated via search engines. However, a website doesn’t get this sort of traffic automatically. If you have a website and you’re not implementing SEO effectively, you’re likely missing out on organic traffic. Optimizing your website can simplify your content for search engines to comprehend. Hence, one of the best ways to increase organic traffic is simply by optimizing your website structure properly. Organic Traffic in SEO tells the strategies used to improve the SEO on a website so that it will start ranking and generating traffic for selected and specific keywords. Organic traffic means the visitors who come to your website through natural or unpaid search results. They don’t come through paid advertising that requires a fee to get your site to the top in SERP. Different from paid advertising, organic traffic comes from quality content and effective SEO strategies, which attract genuine interest from users. That is the reason why organic traffic is so valuable. It reflects the real interest of your audience.   3) Keywords: The Starting Point Keywords are the terms that people search in the search engines. These words aid in the understanding of a webpages content, by search engines. If you are looking for digital marketing courses in Trivandrum you may type “digital marketing course in trivandrum” into the search box. In this case “digital marketing course in trivandrum” is the keyword that assists the search engine in locating webpages. There are two categories of keywords: Short tail keywords. Long tail keywords. Short tail keyword: A short tail keyword is a short search term usually made up of one or two words. These terms are widely searched. So making these type of keywords more competitive. Short tail keywords are commonly employed in SEO and PPC campaigns to reach a large target audience. They may not always attract the most relevant traffic due, to their broad nature. Long tail keyword: A long tail keyword is a phrase consisting in three or more words which refer to a specific niche/ topic. For example, “best vegan restaurants in trivandrum” is a long tail keyword. It is much more targeted and specific search term as compared to those broad terms such as “restaurants”, and hence, it is less competitive. Putting the long tail keywords in your content is useful for the purpose of attracting more specialized traffic to your website because people searching for particular phrases are most likely interested in your website.   4) Content: The Heart of SEO SEO is not only about stuffing your site with the keywords. It is also necessary for you to develop the content that is relevant, appealing, and priceless for your readers. This would be done by writing articles or blogs that would answer questions or provide the information that people are looking for on the net. Quality content will keep the viewers stay on your website longer, which is taken by search engines as an indication that your website has something unique and valuable to offer. Creating quality content for SEO purpose requires a combination of skills and techniques. Given below are some methods to help you create user engaging contents that can be optimized by search engines, Research keywords – First of all, start by identifying the right keywords and phrases that people are searching for related to your topic. Make use of keyword research tools like keyword planner to find the most relevant keywords. Relevant content for audience – Creating content that is informative, valuable and relevant to your target audience. Try to write in simple conversational style. Use headings and subheadings – Add headings and subheadings. This will help the users to identify their required information. Optimize your content – Use your target keywords in the title, Meta description, and on all the required places in your content. Avoid keyword stuffing. Add engaging images and videos – Visual content like images and videos can help break up long format text and make your content more engaging. Also check to optimize your images and videos for SEO by including relevant alt tags and descriptions. Promote your content – Share your content on social media and other such platforms to drive traffic to your website. This can also help improve your rankings in search