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April 27, 2024

Are you tired of searching for jobs and attending interviews?  You may have a graduation certificate or post graduation certificate, but it can’t help  you in obtaining a job. Study Digital Marketing Course with placement for a better future. 

List Of Contents:

  1.  Job specifications in  digital marketing 
  2. Things you should consider before completing   digital marketing course with placement
  3. Why IIDM?
  4. Conclusion

At IIDM, we provide a digital marketing course that guarantees job placement after finishing a 3 or 6-month Advanced Digital Marketing Course. Upon finishing the course and mastering digital skills, you will have the opportunity to find employment with our help.

In the digital marketing field, there are a lot of job specifications such as:

1.  Social media manager

Social media manager plays a vital role in a company’s marketing and branding fields. Especially creating viral contents for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn. Also social media managers want to manage and analyze platform insights and implement marketing strategies to increase sales and conversions to the business.

 2. Copywriter

Copywriter maintaining contents in posters , websites, brochures, e-mail etc. Copywriters and content writers always focus the targeted audience’s mind into their creative writings. 

3. SEO specialist

Seo specialists handle websites ranking systems. Their continuous efforts make websites into higher rankings and they are the lead source of their company. They also do keyword research, optimize backlinks, etc..

4. Email marketing specialist

They design and plan contents and make new strategies for email marketing.  This includes targeted email content, planning email lists, A/B testing etc..

5. Content manager

They created a 360° social media calendar, distribution of content through social media platforms. They will always be vigilant about the marketing trends and trending contents.

6. Market research analyst

Market research analysts  always research about competitors, targeted audience, industry trends etc..

7. Marketing manager

Develop and maintain marketing plans for promoting or creating a brand value for their company or product.

8. Content strategist

Content strategies that help or support business goals and targeted needs.

9. Branding specialist

Focusing the brand value of the company or the product. Through digital platforms they build a strong brand value.

10. Pay-per-click specialist

They are the technical lead source of a company. These specialist research keywords, also research about targeted audiences behaviors etc..

These are the digital marketing specializations that you can pursue after completing your course. So  you can easily get a job by studying digital marketing course with placement

Things you should consider before placing digital marketing placement

  • Industry knowledge 
  • Portfolio 
  • Certification 
  • Interview preparation 
  • Social media presence 
  • Soft skills 


100% Placement support

Excellent Career Growth

100% Practical & Theory classes

Updated curriculum

Career guidance classes

International level certificates

Industry expert faculty

Here we are presenting some of the students who got digital marketing placement after studying digital marketing course


1. What is the minimum salary of a fresher digital marketer ?

Minimum salary of digital marketer in India is around 1.0 lakhs per year ( 8.3 k ) 

2. Is digital marketing salary satisfying?

Definitely,if you are experienced you can learn monthly 1 lakh minimum 

3. Is digital marketing stressful? 

It depends on your Passion for digital marketing. You must always update your digital knowledge 

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