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May 20, 2024

Picture-perfect imagery takes the lead role in visual communication in today’s world – graphic design. It’s the medium of transferring the essence of your ideas and information into fascinating imagery that moves and communicates with your audience. It’s the ability to create a compelling look using the desired industry-standard software that it takes to perfect the art of visual communication. It is where the IIDM and our live practical graphic designing online course come to rescue as the practical learners are much more established. The classes will empower future designers to use with skill the power of a range of design software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Through Live Practical Graphic Designing Classes , IIDM brings up to students the fundamentals of creative design and guides them to successfully translate their vision into fascinating graphic design.

What sets us apart:

Generally, the traditional design classes concentrate on theoretical aspects consigning a considerable distance between the knowledge acquired and real world application. IIDM‘s live practical graphic designing online courses conduct a helping hand in bridging the gap between the theoretical information and receiving first-hand experience.Here’s what sets us apart.

Industry-Standard Software:

Know how to operate the popular software tools Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign through live and engaging classes. You will get practice as well as grasp of these main pieces of tools used by the professional designers across the world.

Project-Based Learning:

IIDM goes beyond theory and focuses on live practical graphic designing classes. You will actually conduct graphic design projects on real-world cases that, by the same token, replicate the difficulties and the work processes encountered by professional graphic designers. This method assists you not only in writing a code but also in nurturing problem-solving and creativity in you.

Expert Instructors:

Become an apprentice to gifted designers who are enthusiastic about passing on their talent. The practical graphic designing classes at IIDM go beyond teaching. They provide you with individual attention backed up with feedback and guidance, which enhances your expertise and sparks your taste.

Interactive Learning:

In IIDM live practical graphic designing online course, interactive learning environment is stimulated. Enquire, get instant feedback, and work along with other students within an online classroom that is supportive for all.

Through IIDM‘s practical Live designer classes, you will acquire the essential skills and confidence that would propel you towards starting a productive career in graphic design. Regardless of whether it is agency, freelancing, or your own design enterprise, IIDM provides the right skills and knowledge to succeed.

Ready to Go A Step Further.

To know more about our hands-on graphic designing online course, log on to our website, or contact us today. Get a hold of your creative destiny and maximize your talents as a graphic designer right now! 


1. What is the structure and length of the IIDM graphic design course?

IIDM‘s graphic design course structure starts with a three month period that has a good balance of practical and theoretical sessions. The course will be conducted in a systematic way, covering a wide range of topics to give students a comprehensive understanding and practical practice of all the graphic design elements

2.Which softwares are taught During IIDM graphic design sessions ?

The graphic design classes at IIDM cover the full range of the applications and formats such as:

Adobe Photoshop: For photo editing, taking over, and manipulations for graphics that are complex.

Adobe Illustrator: For vector art, logo design, and illustrations, this software is perfect.

Adobe InDesign: Personalized layout design, brochures, magazines, and many other materials.

3.Who is qualified to participate in the graphic design course at IIDM?

This IIDM graphic design course is open to all equally, no matter if you are a newbie or a person with some familiarity with design. There are no set grades for this course, but knowing how to work on a PC and an inclination towards design might be helpful. Our course is tailored to meet the needs of all levels of expertise, allowing for better understanding of new concepts by individuals.

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